about me.

1. My favorite food is the potato...it's such a versatile food(chips, baked, mashed, fried, grilled, etc.), and it's so delicious!

2. When I was little and I had to go down to the basement alone I would sing at the top of my lungs in the most operatic voice I could muster...really. : )

3. I love the smell of the "play-doh" playdough.

4. For some reason, whenever somebody asks me what I do in my spare time I can never think of an answer.  So, before you ask I'll tell you a few of things: write, (even though no one asked me I still can't think of anything else-rrrggg!) UPDATE! (i thought of some more things) I also take pictures, waste time on the internet (pintrest? yes.), pretend I'm artistic and make things with my hands (not drawing, more like i sew using my limited knowledge and take apart and reglue fake flowers onto headbands :)

5. I've never played a sport, unless you consider cheer leading and ballet sports. (I was a cheerleader for the "Mighty Mights" football team when I was in 3rd grade and I did ballet for 4 or 5 years about 3 years ago) UPDATE! I played basketball for the first time this past school year and I LOVED it.

6. I really don't like science and I'm really glad that other people like it and even excel at it so it doesn't have to be my profession.

7. I love a cappella music, listening to it and singing it.

8. I am not learning Spanish as my 2nd language in high school like everybody else-I'm learning ASL (American Sign Language) and I love it.

9. I love walking around outside in bare feet and I actually like it when my feet get dirty.

10. I love to swing.

11. I was in public school up thru fourth grade and have been home schooled ever since.

12. When we were little one of my best friends would make up stories that seemed real and tell them to me and I believed them...for instance, once she said that one of the sinks in their bathroom was hers because she paid for it, and another time she told me that there was this black thing that sat at the bottom of her bed at night (that one really creeped me out).  The memories of my childhood make me laugh. : )

13. I play the flute and I'm learning the piano, but I've still got a long way to go... UPDATE! I've stopped lessons for both...but I can still technically play them...sorta

14. "Cows are my passion.  What I have ever sighed for has been to retreat to a a Swiss farm, and live entirely surrounded by cows-and china." ~Charles Dickens  (cows aren't really my passion-i just liked the quote.)

14. I really love laughter.

15. I am extremely ticklish, but please don't use that against me. :)

16. My favorite color is blue-the turquoisey kind (especially when it's paired with brown). UPDATE! I also really like purple

17. For some reason I am always surprised when people I don't know very well, know my name and acknowledge me, but it makes me happy when they do. :)

18. I can't do an English accent to save my life.

19. I HATE snakes. like really, really hate them. please don't use that against me either. :)

20. Lastly, and most importantly: Jesus is my savior. He is amazing. He is my beautiful inheritance.