Monday, July 19, 2010

a silly poem

I was determined to write a silly poem, because I never had, so, here are the results:


There are purple pens and daisy dots and little maple sugars
that are reminding me of cauliflower and crusty little boogers
it's reminding me of peachy pickles and over-ripe tomatoes
and then i think of pickled ham and creamy mashed potatoes
which then reminds me that i have a cobbler in the oven
and then i think of shoe makers and little elfin women
and then I think of Lord of the Rings and that girl he wants to marry
that's reminding me of a dream i had with a ring that i did carry
don't wonder why my mind does wander so far away from home
which reminds me of a girl named Dorothy and a dog she called her own
And although my starting place seemed odd, the end seems even odder
and so i think that i will stop before it's odder than solid water-

Monday, July 12, 2010

reborn (rebecca st. james)

"If you see a change in me don't wonder
There's someone in my life, a peace I can't describe
For I've been reborn
IF you see a change in me don't wonder
I found a whole new life
A hope that I can't hide
For I've been reborn."
In the long shadow of the cross I kneel.
So strange to the world it's salvation to me.